Never-ending Christmas Tree: Evertree


The most wonderful time of the year is already here. It brings us together sharing joy, love and positivity with our friends and families. But what if you could find a simple way to share some love and bliss with the entire world?

As we get into true Christmas spirit, Christmas decorations are being prepared: trees, doors, streets, workplaces etc. SInce this is the time of kindness and celebrating love and life, it would be amazing if we could spare the nature and the people some trouble by not having to use real nor fake trees. And you could decorate it as much as you want!

What if you could put together an idea that would connect people worldwide in simple act of tree decorating since it is one of the most notable symbols of Christmas?

That is when the Evertree was born. Evertree is a digital never-ending tree of good vibes. It’s a tree that does only good and grows with messages shared and decorations put. Anyone can help build and decorate this Christmas tree. It takes seconds and it’s simple and fun! The result is colorful, bright and lively tree that never stops growing and will definitely put a smile on your face! You can share your message for everyone to see and create a beautiful graphic decoration.

We kept the idea and execution simple but fun. It’s all about the colors, shapes and patterns and brings out endless fun and creativity! Anyone can create a unique and pretty decoration. You can even choose whether you want to enjoy it in the day or in the night and see some of that Christmas lights flashing.

Evertree is our little gift to the community. Let’s make it grow with kindness, positivity and good thoughts! Leave your message and decoration and be a part of this ever-growing spark of Christmas spirit.






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