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Boban + Partneri logo
  • Industry: Architecture, urbanism, and design studio
  • Location: Split, Croatia
  • Service: Brand Design, UX/UI Design, Web Development, Maintenance
Boban + Partneri home page screenshot
Boban + Partneri home page screenshot

The website that will take you places

Respected architecture, urbanism, and design studio from Split wanted us to transfer their architectural experience online. Invite people into their space. Let them live within Boban+Partners designed spaces and gardens.

We freshened up their branding into a conversation opener. It gives of an atmosphere of a sunny day at one of their developments on the Adriatic coast.

Minimalistic modernism

Working with the creative powerhouses of Boban + Partners gives us a chance to explore and build our vision of their architectural approach inspired by the B + P values and visual style.

The new logo carefully curated typography, and focus on motion and photography allow potential clients and future partners to get a solid idea of the type of Company B + P are, and the level of architectural work they deliver.

Boban + Partneri logo
Boban + Partneri logo

Take it for a spin

To help visitors see B + P projects from every angle to be able to better evaluate their skills, we present their portfolio in short 3D model videos - exactly like B+P would present their projects to new owners.

Boban + Partneri home page screenshot

Focus on creativity

By stripping away anything that might distract website visitors from the work, we forced the visitor's focus on projects - the only thing that matters in the case of an architectural studio. They can see them in 3D, during ideation and development and how these projects turned out in the end. The full circle of architectural work. Using a website as a showcase, our idea was to show variety - not abundance, so as to not overload the user with information, but deliver emotion and inspiration that resonates with potential client ideas.

Boban + Partneri page screenshots
Boban + Partneri page screenshots

We were blown away by the work that Agilo did for our architecture studio's branding and website! Thank you for bringing our brand to life in a such a beautiful way.

Toni Boban

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