Gentlemen's bets always get paid in crypto

IBY logo
  • Industry: App for personal betting among friends using a crypto wallet
  • Service: Brand Design, UX/UI Design, Web Development, Maintenance
IBY logo with background image
IBY logo with background image

Put you crypto where your mouth is

IBY is a web app for personal betting among friends using a crypto wallet. If you ever made a bet with a friend you will not drink that, stay on a diet you are both doing, or tried to make game night interesting and the bet did not get paid because somebody…forgot, you needed IBY - once you bet; it locks the sum for all the parties involved until the bet was resolved.

Our job was to come up with branding - which was a huge challenge since all things crypto are just moving into mainstream and have no recognisable esthetic.

Logo as an expression of confidence

In our mind, betting had something to do with sports. When the bet happens, participants seal the deal with a firm handshake, as an expression of confidence. Our logo captures this moment, two hands, moving one towards the other, agreeing on this thing. Underlining a firm belief and determination.

IBY logo with two images
Screenshots from Bahrain McLaren page

Determined and bold branding

We applied confidence and determination to branding through a bold font and lively colors paired with a sombre black. Silly bets people inspired illustrations which started out cartoonish until we tried to add and amplify the feelings of triumph or resentment as standard bet results.

IBY home page screenshot

I bet you our app is money

Our work on the web app was mainly UI we hoped to make as simple and easy on the eyes as we could. App screen showed how many active bets are happening, what are the amounts, stakes and how they ended. App was developed for mobile and desktop use and the branding worked really well, making it all visually attractive and fun.

IBY dashboard screenshot

The page where it begins

Last thing we did with IBY was a landing page, since you need users for your app to make any sense. The layout was simple and effective, delivering all of the basic information on this project and application, how it works, how to use it. The landing page sucessfully captured the brand character of confidence and as a first point of contact for potential users, it worked amazingly well.

IBY frames
IBY frames

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