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We help you to build or migrate, and create a high performance ecommerce store, with a fully scalable infrastructure on the open source Medusa platform.

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It's time to say goodbye to “Pay-as-you-grow” pricing.

You have been running an ecommerce business for a while now and have banged your head against the limitations of WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento stores (or any other).

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Maybe their closed proprietary build drives you crazy with unnecessary obstacles.

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Maybe it's the way they charge you for every little thing you want to change or add.

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Maybe it's the poor-quality plugins and hacky workarounds to flows and features you desperately need.

If this sounds familiar, you're going to love

It is an open source flexible platform, which you can run as a mobile app and an ecommerce website, and even plug it in to your social commerce experience.

Why Medusa?

E-commerce that answers your needs

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Built to your use case

Medusa is built with customization in mind, with a huge range of out-of-the-box features for customizing your backend. Make changes based on your needs and improve the experience of your customers without any hacky workarounds or slipshod plugins.

Lightning fast

Medusa runs on your server and only communicates with the database to retrieve or post data. Any additional features or custom integrations are added as plugins so they won't impair your site performance.

True omnichannel ecommerce

Medusa is omnichannel by default, meaning it is equally capable of running an ecommerce website, a mobile app - or both, without additional integrations or expenditures. It can be:

  • Your shopping app backend
  • A traditional ecommerce webshop
  • A social commerce experience (instagram express checkout)

Everything for your ecommerce

Medusa has built-in flows for claims, returns, and exchange flows, allowing you to do everything yourself. Do you need sales analytics and marketing? This can easily be added or integrated with your current solution.

Agilo can build to your exact specifications, and add a user-friendly admin panel.

Scales without cost, integrates with your tools

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Pay in any currency

Medusa has a central admin dashboard that allows you to handle multiple currencies.

Multi-currency support means your customers view prices and pay for goods and services in their local currencies. You can set the product's price for each currency separately and in local currencies.

Integrate what you need, when you need it

The Medusa JS platform has all the flexibility you could wish for. You can use or integrate any other platform of your choice with Medusa. Yes, it may cost man hours, but it is a one-time thing. Once it is set up, it costs you nothing for as long as it serves your business. Even better, Medusa supports many third-party integrations out of the box:

  • CMS (Contentful and Strapi),
  • payment (e.g. Stripe, Paypal),
  • marketing (e.g. SendGrid and S3, MailChimp),
  • search (Algolia and Meilisearch),
  • analytics (e.g. Segment), and many more.

All of the Shopify features without any cost

Medusa has a similar set of core ecommerce features as Shopify. These include payment and checkout flow, cart functionality, fulfillment flow, shipping options, customer profiles (e.g. for customer-specific pricing), advanced promotions (e.g. discounts and gift cards), product and stock management.

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How can we help you?

Agilo is a leading provider of Medusa open-source ecommerce solutions. We've worked with Medusa since the get go, regularly engage with the Medusa team, and have gained deep insights into this flexible and reliable ecommerce system. We are not only early adopters, but early contributors, and we stand ready to assist you in these areas:

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Custom ecommerce platforms

Designing and building tailored ecommerce solutions from the ground up, ensuring a seamless match with your business requirements and goals.

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Migrate to headless ecommerce

Transitioning your existing ecommerce stack to a robust headless open-source platform, minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth migration process.

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Bespoke storefronts for headless ecommerce

Developing intuitive and high-performing storefronts for headless ecommerce platforms that enhance user experience and drive sales for your business.

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Mobile ecommerce applications

Crafting sophisticated mobile applications for diverse ecommerce needs, including your POS, inventory, and CRM systems. Ensuring consistent operation and enhanced customer engagement on both Android and iOS platforms.

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Seamless integration solutions

We can connect your headless ecommerce platform with third-party services, enhancing functionality and streamlining operations.

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Precision performance optimization

Utilizing cutting-edge techniques to optimize the performance of your ecommerce platform, ensuring fast load times and a smooth user experience.

Grow at your own pace

Start with a one-product local web store, and scale into a global multi-brand store, with hundreds of items and a mobile app, when you're ready. Medusa can handle the growth and success of your business without missing a step or bogging down your site performance.

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We enjoy how our partnership with Agilo has allowed us to be ambitious in our short- and long-term technical developments. We constantly try to work on incremental improvements and launch more significant ambitious projects.

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