• Client Bakra
  • Sector Food & Bar
  • Discipline Brand identity, Digital design, Logo
  • Year 2017

Place of good food and good people

Bakra – Steak & Pizza Bar is a place where people have been enjoying good company and food since 1947. Today they prepare traditional, Mediterranean and innovative food with just a pinch of soul. The visual presentation had to match a combination of industrial but clean design and bold but delicate. The interior of the restaurant was already designed so the logo and digital presence had to blend with it.

Custom logo for Bakra steak and pizza bar.

Playful and robust

Agilo delivered a few proposals that were based on a strong, bold and confident lettering with an additional illustrative elements that linked it to it’s mediterranean aspect. Letters drawn were robust but had a dose of playfulness and charm due to its proportions and combination of lowercase and uppercase. Main colors reflected interior with burgundy red, grey and copper. Application was made on memos, business cards and envelopes.


Logo was applied throughout restaurant including personnel shirts, walls, decorations etc.
Freely drawn version of Bakra logo that blends very nicely into ambient.
Letterhead and envelopes for Bakra.
Bakra’s business cards.

Bringing together identity with Bakra website

Online presence had great importance for presentation of the restaurant and making a reservation. Website consists of Homepage, Story, Gallery, Reservation, Menu and Contact page.

Homepage is focused on presenting Bakra with good photos of the ambient, guests, food and staff. Photos sum of in short a vibe of the place and communicate quickly with visitor. Important page was ‘Story’ page since Bakra takes much pride in their 70-year-old tradition. Working for that long time brought a specific quality to their food which shares plenty about the history of the city too.

The layout of the website pages is designed in a way that it keeps the playfulness while sharing images and stories. Paragraph is agile and moves from left to right, allowing images to take an important role. Highlighted quotes are featured on almost all pages accentuating important values.

Website also included overview of Bakra’s menu and a gallery showcasing variety of food, preparation and ambient.

Lots of images on all inner pages keep a coherent atmosphere and allow for simple and clean content design such as Reservation and fast interaction. Social media icons are featured on all pages and website is fully responsive.