• Client Bitfi
  • Sector IT, Finance
  • Discipline Digital design, Logo
  • Year 2018

Optimized utility, fortress–like security, and absolute ease of use

Bitfi is a global payments technology company working to enable businesses and consumers to participate in the digital currency economy. A next generation Bitfi hardware wallet is a direct result of cutting-edge development that improves upon the security of even the most sophisticated cold storage while simultaneously providing the most user friendly interface that anyone can use. With this technology your money is safer than in any bank vault on earth.

Futuristic, trustworthy and secure

The first thing Agilo designed for Bitfi was logo, a necessary element to bring to existence the brand identity. Client wanted to communicate the idea of futuristic logo that inspires trust and impenetrable security. It also had to be easily consumed by a vast audience of people worldwide.

Logo symbolizes an compact and solid bank vault and a lock with a circle center suggesting human as focus. Colors are golden yellow and deep purple, implying wisdom, wealth, integrity and organization.

Digital design is the main environment for Bitfi so logo is made to perform well in pixel grid regardless its size.
Website is created in two iterations where the first one is informative and introductory one while second one features the real product.

Main pages in first iteration are Homepage, Benefits, About Us, Security and FAQ with Login and Sign up options following on each page.

Pages featured longer explanatory paragraphs of text so to make it more interesting to read and engaging, different colors were used throughout the sections, icons were added to paragraph titles and big size headlines and quotes were sporadically emphasized.

Overview of the icons for Bitfi website.
Inner pages among first iteration of the website.

In new Bitfi website iteration, homepage was completely changed as now it showed actual product. Following standards set in previous design as gold and indigo colors with smooth gradients, large headline sizes and paragraphs that translates with grid, homepage was refurbished to focus on main cta “Buy it now”. Support page was added, along with Terms of Use.

All designs have techy flavour shown in use of squarish sans serif typeface, smooth gradients and transitional effects throughout website.