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Helping passengers get their money back after disrupted flights

Claim your money and donate a part of it to a charity

Starting with the logo we designed by pairing the two most important effects of hiring Claimdon - user claims and donations, working with Claimdon was a unique joy. Rarely do you get to do design work that actually helps people (according to statistics, only 2% of eligible claims are refunded) and spreads the wealth among the less fortunate.

Claimdon logo

The website that feels friendly and trustworthy

Claimdon website is a place whose audience arrives in a state of distress and anguish, so our first job as designers is to transition them into a more relaxed, positive frame of mind. We did this with light, almost pastel colours and minimalistic playful illustrations. Since Claimdon works with their money, it had to keep an air of professionalism and trust. Users seem to have bought in since Claimdon is not accepting new cases at the moment.

Claimdon pages
Claimdon pages

Automated for convenience

Working with heavily governed manual workflow caused by the regulation of the European Commission means that the amount of paperwork and red tape on the user side is about 3 times smaller than on the Claimdon end.

To help them wrestle with it, we focused on automating every process as much as it was possible at the time making every step of the process more transparent and straightforward to the Claimdon team and the end-users of their service.

Meaning once they accept your claim, you the user will see exactly where in the process your claim is and how much longer it will take.

Claimdon - flow
Claimdon - flow

Cut the red tape and make it user friendly

The greatest obstacle in creating Claimdon web application was compliance with multiple government organisations and the amount of red tape used to discourage potential refund claims. Our goal was to create a user flow that can be done in under a minute, so we prototyped and tested user flows until it all became lean, smooth and covered all the government-mandated stuff.

ReactJS - the right tool for the job

Claimdon came to us after a disappointing experience with their previous website UI and UX and it was clear from the initial meeting our solution had to deliver a dynamic user experience that adapts without fault to all the situations passengers might have.

Claimdon - flow
Claimdon - flow

Staying in touch is important

User interviews defined lack of information during the process as the main pain point since the process can sometimes take a while, users would lose their mind obsessing over when it is their money coming back. The only way to calm them down was to improve the transparency and deliver regular status updates of their compensation journey through web and email notifications. We also added a layer of information through detailed and reassuring blog posts that could be read before they even tried Claimdon.

Claimdon - pages
Claimdon - pages
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