• Client Crederia
  • Sector Finance
  • Discipline Logo, Digital design
  • Year 2017

La gente de dinero

Crederia is a Spanish credit broker which introduces borrowers and lenders for the purposes of entering into short-term unsecured loan agreements.

Making the business of finance seem friendly and good-humoured

Crederia requested a customer-friendly logo with pastel colours and illustrations or a mark of some form. As a result, we designed a coin-looking logo with a goose as broker mascot.

Goose as a welcoming symbol of Crederia

The brand name and slogan are imprinted in the circular shape of the coin. The goose was eventually used on its own to enhance the brand experience throughout the website.


Icons for Crederia website, matching stroke and fill similarities to the logo.

The main brand colours are beige, light blue, orange and grey that seem very soothing and friendly to the human eye. The logo is drawn on the pixel grid for smooth appearance in digital media which is its primary media. The treatment of colours, shapes and lines follows a modern flat design approach to support the brand to stand out with its simplicity and purity among alternative ‘cluttered-looking’ competitive brands.

Homepage is fluid with smooth transitions, pastel colors matching visual identity of Crederia. To increase engagement, header holds a quick three click form for choosing a loan.


Crederia website performs equally good on all screen sizes, from mobile to desktop.

By following the high standards set for all of our website creations, the Crederia website is also grid based, fully responsive and retina friendly.

Transparent digital appearance

The Crederia website was created as a digital application of the brand’s core service: the ability to quickly receive short-term loans. The focus is on simplifying the process by designing custom accessible forms that take customers from one step to the next making the process fluid and transparent.


A few click process at Crederia for selecting a loan. Comfortable, quick, easy and transparent.
Goose was used on a few different places throughout website in different scenarios.