• Client Mushrooms Coffee
  • Sector Beverages
  • Discipline Brand identity, Packaging design, Digital design, Logo
  • Year 2017.

Coffee with Superfood Mushrooms.

Mushrooms Coffee is a Croatia-based brand that developed an idea of empowering a very common daily beverage- coffee with a superior nature product- mushrooms chaga, cordyceps and chanterelle. Since coffee drinking is a daily habit, it seemed like a perfect place to do a small change for the most significant impact in return.

This fresh startup needed a fresh and agile identity that would connect with their users immediately- entrepreneurs, agencies, fitness enthusiasts and anyone who is looking into adding a kick of health into every day routine.

We started by developing a few logo variations and testing feedback among possible users. A monolinear logo with sans typography was chosen as it easily translates through all needed materials and in a very minimal and straightforward way communicates what the brand is about: coffee+mushrooms.

Color scheme for Mushrooms Coffee.

While working on logo, we also worked on creating and choosing names for two types of coffee that will be designed later on: one was named Go Sharp as it enhances mental clarity, focus and performance, and a second one Go Fresh as it supports rejuvenating processes in our bodies.

Before diving into world of packaging for Mushrooms Coffee, we decided to a research on mushrooms chaga, chanterelle and cordyceps. We explored its natural habitat, growing, picking and drying process and in the end used powder to make laborascopic analysis to see how actually those mushrooms look under a microscope. The end result was beautiful and we used it as a base idea for packaging- a abstract geometric pattern was created for both coffee types based on type of mushroom that is in it. Both Go Fresh and Go Sharp have distinctive colors and a it’s unique pattern on the outside package and inside packets.

Crop from the pattern for Go Fresh Mushrooms Coffee.
Crop from the pattern for Go Sharp Mushrooms Coffee.
Final Go Fresh packaging.
Final Go Sharp packaging.

Just think. What’s the smallest change you can do in your daily habits — for the most significant impact in return?

Since we wanted this coffee package to be something more functional in essence that is easily carried around and opened and closed but also fits in persons hand nicely, we opted for tube packaging made out of recycled. This way we differentiated our coffee from other ones while used package can also offer a space for creative ways of reusing it as i.e. pencil case, snack box, tea box etc.

Mushrooms Coffee tube holds small packets of coffee and can be reused in many ways such as pencil holder, tea box etc.

For brand Mushrooms Coffee we designed a business cards and flyers that follow same system of usage of colors and patterns.

Mushrooms Coffee business cards in Go Sharp variation.
Mushrooms Coffee business cards in Go Fresh variation.

A fully responsive website with online shop was created with effective brand presentation and quick and easy ordering process.