Streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency for Palmes Tennis Society

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  • Industry: Menswear fashion with roots in tennis culture.
  • Location: Copenhagen, DK
  • Founder: Nikolaj Hansson

In the dynamic world of sports fashion, clarity of brand identity is paramount. For Palmes Tennis Society, a brand deeply rooted in tennis culture with a vision of progressive elegance, the challenge was to communicate their brand DNA effectively through their digital presence.

Palmes had an established ecommerce platform powered by Medusa, Gatsby, and Contentful, which served as the foundation for their online retail. Unfortunately, the user experience (UX) was still lacking, and these UX flaws were hindering successful communication of Palmes's brand identity. Their customers weren't benefiting from the exceptional shopping experience they deserved.

Recognizing the need for a transformative approach, Palmes' CEO turned to Agilo, inspired by glowing recommendations from their professional network.

When it came to selecting an ecommerce development partner, the decision to choose Agilo was a no-brainer for us. We had heard only positive things from trusted individuals in our network, which spoke volumes about the agency's reputation and expertise.

Nikolaj Hansson
Founder at Palmes

Ecommerce updates: Making the UX fit for purpose

Palmes identified crucial UX (user experience) problems within their existing ecommerce platform. A comprehensive redesign was necessary. The primary focus was to revitalize the collections pages and provide a more intuitive customer journey. They also wanted to enhance product pages, to allow effortless discovery of items of interest personalized to individual customers through a related products section.

A more dynamic virtual storefront was needed. One which would invite users to explore and to discover a curated selection of products tailored to their preferences. Agilo addressed these objectives by leveraging the robust framework of Medusa, Gatsby, and Contentful to implement a series of strategic enhancements. This included a flawless integration of new content elements into the Contentful CMS, advanced filtering options, and refined category navigation.

One of the key enhancements was the integration of a related products section within the product page. This addition curated suggestions based on a customer's current selection, effectively extending their exploration and potentially increasing cart size.

The result: A seamless shopping journey

The strategic improvements made to Palmes' web shop not only addressed the initial UX challenges but also exceeded expectations. Palmes' customers now enjoy a smooth and engaging shopping experience. Improved navigation, user-friendly search options, and product suggestions have collectively contributed to higher customer satisfaction and increased conversion rates.

Palmes hatPalmes cart screenshot

Agilo's highly successful fine-tuning of the web shop saw real financial results. The strategic collaboration between Palmes and Agilo not only yielded immediate benefits, but also laid a strong foundation for continued growth and innovation.

Streamlining B2B order processing with zedonk integration

Palmes's operational workflow involved receiving B2B orders through Zedonk, a specialized ERP solution tailored for the fashion industry. These orders were then directed to Webshipper, a platform facilitating ecommerce businesses' connections with shipping carriers. However, a critical bottleneck emerged in their internal process - the manual transfer of order data from Zedonk to Webshipper. This labor-intensive task, particularly for sizable orders, proved time-consuming and inefficient. Given Palmes' prior collaboration with Agilo on storefront enhancements, they turned to us to engineer a solution, aiming to reclaim precious hours spent on manual work

The project's primary objective was to integrate Zedonk with Webshipper, enabling smooth and automatic transfer of B2B order data for efficient shipment processing. The challenge lay in identifying the optimal approach for this integration, including maximizing any advantages of the existing setup. Leveraging Medusa, which already interfaced with Webshipper on Palme's ecommerce website, we extended the capabilities of the Medusa Admin Dashboard. This allowed us to integrate Zedonk with Webshipper and streamline the entire process.

Throughout our collaboration, what impressed us the most was the clear communication, swift follow-up, and impeccable execution demonstrated by the Agilo team.

Nikolaj Hansson
Founder at Palmes

The result: Optimized order processing and enhanced efficiency

Agilo transformed the Medusa Admin dashboard to meet Palmes's specific needs. The dashboard now includes a comprehensive list of pre-approved Zedonk orders awaiting shipment. When an order is ready for dispatch, Palmes team members now need to make only a single click to initiate the shipment creation process. Webshipper directly receives the full order delivery information, right down to the line items, and promptly generates the necessary shipments.

This integration has brought about a remarkable reduction in manual effort, and significantly improved the efficiency and accuracy of the order fulfillment process. Overall, this progress represents a substantial enhancement in the operational efficiency of the Palmes team, resulting in saved time and resources, and ensuring orders are processed with timeliness and precision.

Palmes shipment processPalmes shipment process

Final thoughts

The collaboration between Palmes Tennis Society and Agilo is a testament to the effectiveness of teamwork in achieving concrete results. Both the ecommerce updates and skillful Zedonk integration have brought about substantial improvements in operational efficiency. This partnership has not only addressed and overcome specific challenges but has also established a solid foundation for future endeavors.

The dedication and expertise shown by both teams have helped to drive these accomplishments. The ongoing collaboration between Palmes Tennis Society and Agilo reflects the mutual respect and shared objectives that form the basis of this partnership. Looking ahead, we anticipate more successes and innovations to arise from this dynamic collaboration.

I am delighted to recommend Agilo to other potential clients without hesitation. Your exceptional services and commitment to delivering outstanding results make you a top choice for anyone seeking ecommerce development expertise. Thank you for going above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction.

Nikolaj Hansson
Founder at Palmes

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