• Client Report hub
  • Sector Technology
  • Discipline Digital design, Logo
  • Year 2017

View. Create. Report

Report Hub is a reporting software which makes creating and viewing reports simple and manageable. The concept consists of having a reporting page which contains reports for certain jurisdiction and date, a new report page with a form or file upload option and a settings page. Simply, users log in to Report Hub and easily view or create a report.

From a stack of files to a bunch of pixels

Report Hub was a new product that needed a logo design and interface design. The logo consists of both symbol and typography. The symbol represents a centrally positioned digital file, report or document in its abstract or minimal form with all sides connected in a loop leading from one to another. This is to symbolize a network.

Symbol for Report Hub was simplified visual of interlaced data bringing together the idea of information + hub.

The logo is made in a clean, professional and flat design style with purple as the dominant colour to give it personality. Equally, it shares a sense of calmness and pleasing to the human eye. The font weight follows the weight of the stroke of the symbol and is proportionally sized to its width.

The interface design is very simple and intuitive, with minimal, flat and clean design style. The main navigation helps the user to easily view the dashboard, create a report or simply upload. When looking at the dashboard page, the table design is very breathable to help consume data easily. The rows are set apart by every second line having a certain background. Upload forms are also minimal in fields together with the button design, making the process faster and even more intuitive.


Login screen for Report Hub. The interface is simple, clean and easy to navigate.

The font is characterized by rounder shapes which compliments well round details in the interface and makes it far more comfortable for the eye. Once logged in, a large Create Report button is immediately visible and therefore very clickable.

All visual elements were clean and minimalistic, allowing information to come forward.
Color scheme consisted of three purple tones to avoid too much visual noise.