• Client Slicejack
  • Sector Technology
  • Discipline Digital design, Brand identity
  • Year 2017

Passionate and skilled Europeans with a global mindset

Slicejack, established in 2008, is a development agency with a deep passion and expertise for everything WordPress. The team is created with young, agile and talented developers that you’d just love to work with. Slicejack aims at delivering powerful websites with care, passion and precision. In comparison to the previous Slicejack logo, the updated version has improvements in stroke shapes and consistency. Equally, stroke contrast adjustments, sharp stem endings and fixes on letter spacing.

Short version of Slicejack logo featuring only “s” and “j” from the logo used as icon and badge.

Modern and dynamic visual presentation

Agilo took over a task of creating a website from scratch for Slicejack with a leaner visual approach, contemporary layout, great perfomance and high readability. Together with up-to-date digital design, Slicejack wanted a logo makeover to match their new goals in its visual identity.


The focus was on bringing to life a true representation of a Slicejack’s global mindset and international network. To achieve a global feel, the homepage features a full-width background video introducing visitors to Slicejack, while a large-size tagline targets Slicejack’s main focus point. Services are also listed in this area enabling the viewer to easily navigate to a certain service.

Homepage of the current Slicejack website features a large header with video loop and quick access to services.

In addition to Slicejack’s deep blue and light grey identity colour, we decided to add a wider range of shades to reflect a youthful and modern spirit – yet still maintaining the professional aspect. We added the recognisable Slicejack yellow, along with accent colours used throughout the website such as green and orange. The font used is Typotheque’s Mote, a low contrast sans-serif in 6 weights, which strongly compliments Slicejack’s visual identity guides with its utilitarian grotesque features. The text set in Mote is highly legible and harmonious.

Slicejack identity palette consisting of dark blue and grey was expanded gold yellow with secondary choices such as green, orange and light blue.
Secondary colors were used in all additional applications with added custom icons.

One of the things designed for the homepage was an Instagram wheel that creates an immediate emotional connection with the agency. A large CTA is featured at the end of the page while another unobtrusive CTA follows on the menu while scrolling down. These two characteristics are mainly present on all sub-pages. To add to the dynamics of the team page featuring video and description, we wanted to step away from the standard static photos and rather create funky photo loops for each team member.

Slicejack blog pages feature custom sliding sidebar that can be hidden to avoid distractions while reading.