• Client Split Tech City
  • Sector IT, Finance
  • Discipline Digital design, Logo
  • Year 2018

Split Tech City — Split Technology (r)evolution

Split Tech City is the first formal nonprofit of the Split technological community, involving companies, individuals, meetups, nonprofits and institutions, with the partner support of Split-Dalmatia County Council.

Agilo has been following and supporting the development of Split Tech City from its very beginning. Split Tech City was first formed as and had Agilo by its side as a digital and print design guide.

Changing’s direction to Split Tech City was formed in 2015 and soon outgrew the idea of just being a promoter of local It community in Split but rather promoting Spilt IT scene on an international level. Following this change, the design from the initial had to be revised and redone.

A city where technology and tourism meet

First website was both a news site with the reports from local community and an event site that shared all events relevant to IT sector and community. Design was very clean, consistent, minimalistic and almost invisible keeping focus on content. Similar idea was kept in the new design but developed further.

The name was changed to Split Tech City and more features were added to its main mission- it was focused more on connecting community through education, conferences and lectures guide, supporting creation of conditions for staying in Split,
promoting Split IT companies and professional in local and national media.

Elements of Split Tech City visuals: connecting community with tech.

The ultimate goal, mission & vision of Split Tech City is to profile Split as a city where technology and tourism meet. Split has all the prerequisites for becoming the “Silicon Valley of the Mediterranean”, and Split Tech City will work tirelessly to transform its vision into reality through its combined knowledge, ideas and ambitions.

New design was aiming to feel fresh, simple and urban. The original blue from was slightly changed to a more vivid hue and used as main color throughout website in different opacities along with more attention to white and white space, and of course black. This way things were kept minimalistic, bright and clean.

The grid is much wider to allow the contect to fill more space on screen and take over. Homepage features a sum of highlights from each page: an introduction to Split Tech City and community, latest articles and upcoming events, (youtube uploads), and a gallery that showcases #splitlifestyle.


Split Tech City layouts range, from top homepage, community and membar page to specially designed calendar and contact page.
Article page.

Along with presenting Split Tech City, with this iteration of the website the focus is on expanding community and becoming a member by clicking ‘Join us’ button.

Split Tech City doesn’t use many illustrative elements but rather allows pure colors, photos and typography to carry design.

Since lot of content is in written form, two different fonts are used: sans (body text) and serif (headlines) to get a sense of warm, pleasant and modern design. Font sizes and styles are standardized throughout the website to make it consistent and easier to use.

Split Tech City keychains.
Designs for Split Tech City badges.