• Client Straight Donate
  • Sector Charity, Tech-for good company
  • Discipline Brand identity, Digital design, Logo
  • Year 2017

Helping people worldwide easily and intelligently

Straight Donate is a London-based platform for fundraising with aim of creating a trusted and easily used environment for online giving for great cause. Straight Donate wants to be able to help people in need worldwide by designing and creating more intelligent and powerful ways to connect cause with people who care. It is a platform open for everyone is in need and everyone who wants to show support and care.

Breath of fresh air among donation platforms

Agilo created brand logo and website for Straight Donate. Client expressed a desire for a brand that conveys trust and professionalism and to avoid anything dark or bright but rather have a soothing, clean and minimal visual.

Straight Donate logo presenting two giving hands offering love and care.

Main colors of Straight Donate identity.

Website had to be structured differently than other existing donating platforms as they were clogged with information and visuals and donating for a cause wasn’t quick and simple.
In general, brand had to be up to date with current esthetic and development in web design and present a modern donating platform.

Sharing, giving and receiving

Logo presents two open hands opening themselves to love. It is a reminder that we can share, give and receive care by helping others in need with as much or as little as we can.
Main colors are royal purple and medium turquoise with additional colors of platinum and pastel orange. These are chosen to be soothing and calm to make visuals refreshing for user while digesting different kinds of information on the website. This way main focus will be kept on information about donation and donation button.

Website is separated in two different parts with left holding all information about donation (story, updates and donations) and right part only for action of donating (time left, amount to reach and donation button). This way website was de cluttered and the donate button was always easily reachable. The left part of the website was agile in sense that it easily navigated from one section to another, while right part was always kept static. To keep readers attention with larger amounts of text, paragraph was kept at optimal width. Sans serif was used throughout the website in 4 different sizes and 2 different styles as it compliments visual identity of Straight Donate and helped structure different kinds of information.

Overview of inner pages.

Separate page was used for payment/donation where user had overview of the donation info and just enough necessary fields to make donation quick and simple. Website is responsive and retina-friendly.