Transformation of Tekla: Agilo as a key partner for custom development with Medusa

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  • Industry: Elevated yet functional homeware pieces of uncompromising quality
  • Location: Copenhagen, DK
  • Founder: Kristoffer Windall Juhl

Since Tekla started out as a provider of fine bed linen in 2017, they have held to a commitment to uncompromising quality. Their product range of homeware now includes items for every room of the house, all exhibiting the modernity and freedom of expression which has always been integral to their brand. Drawing inspiration from the realms of art and architecture, including luminaries like John Pawson, Donald Judd, Le Corbusier, and Agnes Martin, Tekla crafts homeware pieces that embody a timeless and uncomplicated design ethos. This Danish brand has had a remarkable journey in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce.

Tekla reinforces their commitment to quality through close collaboration with its production partners. They take responsibility for minimizing their environmental impact: designing products to last rather than pursuing fleeting trends, and following responsible production practices. Notably, Tekla holds B Corp certification, aligning with a global movement that uses business as a force for positive change.

Medusa, the ecommerce platform on which Tekla built its digital presence, has been a key part of Tekla's journey. It still is. However, as Medusa evolved and grew, it became clear Tekla needed an outside agency capable of taking over the development of their full web presence. Enter Agilo, a web development company who immediately saw the potential of Tekla's vision.

Having never had in-house tech resources, our architecture and toolbox have always depended on strong partnerships. We have had a bit of an unusual approach to our tech stack, and when we outgrew our initial support, we had to find a partnership with more flexibility, variety in resources and with the opportunity to scale alongside one another.

Kristoffer Windall Juhl
Founder at Tekla

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At the beginning of 2022, Tekla and Agilo embarked on a journey to transform Tekla. This case study focuses on two key projects: the evolution of Tekla's web shop and the creation of the Tekla POS system.

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The web shop revamp: A two-year transformation

At the heart of Tekla's digital transformation was the web shop. This is Tekla's digital flagship and must reflect the brand's essence and values. Agilo's mission was to breathe new life into the website and create an online space that resonated with Tekla's unique brand style.

Revitalizing the checkout experience

The checkout process was a key area of focus. Agilo recognized that the checkout experience is often the make-or-break moment for online shoppers. It needed to be not just consistent, fluid, and easy to use, but also aligned with Tekla's commitment to modernity and simplicity.

The result was a checkout process that combined functionality with aesthetics. The redesigned checkout page retained the essential elements for a smooth transaction while infusing Tekla's signature design philosophy. It became a reflection of Tekla's dedication to timeless, straightforward design expression.

Crafting captivating product pages

Product pages are the digital shelves on which Tekla's homeware pieces are displayed. Agilo understood that these pages needed to be more than just informative; they needed to be an extension of Tekla's art-inspired ethos. Each product page became a canvas to showcase Tekla's offerings.

Agilo revamped the product pages with meticulous attention to detail. The layout was designed to ensure that each product was presented elegantly, with ample white space to create a sense of clarity. The use of high-quality images and intuitive navigation allowed customers to explore products with ease, mirroring the tactile experience of Tekla's physical products.

A unified web presence

But the transformation wasn't limited to these individual elements; Agilo worked diligently to ensure that every aspect of the website resonated with Tekla's brand identity. From the typography to the color palette, every design choice was made with Tekla's commitment to modernity and timelessness in mind.

The result was a unified web presence where every click, scroll, and interaction felt like an extension of Tekla's brand. A web presence that is an effective demonstration of Agilo's ability to translate Tekla's vision into a digital reality.

This two-year journey was marked by continuous collaboration, iterative design, and unwavering dedication to Tekla's brand style. Agilo's expertise in web development helped to bring Tekla's unique identity to life online, setting the stage for Tekla's multi-channel success story.

Tekla web page frames

With Agilo, we have come to admire the loyalty and support everyone in their team extends to each other. Besides being talented individuals hungry to do great work, it feels like they all value their workplace and the clients that come along - this is something we have also come to appreciate.

Kristoffer Windall Juhl
Founder at Tekla

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Tekla's evolution: Crafting multi-channel success

The cornerstone of Tekla's digital presence was its web shop, prominently featured at and powered by the robust Medusa JS open source ecommerce platform. As Tekla's product range expanded and the digital commerce landscape evolved, the need to transition from a standalone web shop to a multi-channel retail presence became increasingly apparent.

Tekla's commitment to quality and sustainability needed to be showcased not just online, but also in physical retail spaces. The decision to embrace a multi-channel approach, catering to both B2C and retail customers, marked a momentous shift in Tekla's business strategy.

Agilo, as a trusted partner, played a central role in facilitating this transition. Collaborating closely with the Medusa founders, Agilo ensured that the Medusa JS platform successfully accommodated Tekla's expanding ambitions. The Tekla web shop, once a singular online destination, was now the foundation upon which a multi-channel strategy would be built.

The journey from a simple web shop to a multi-channel success story was marked by effective collaboration and technical expertise. Agilo's ability to adapt and innovate alongside Tekla was key in shaping this transformation. Together, they created a digital presence that not only honored Tekla's design principles but also positioned them as leaders in the world of homeware and lifestyle retail.

POS system development

In 2023, Tekla opened their first retail store in Copenhagen. Was it possible for their virtual and real world businesses to do more than co-exist in their own spaces? They approached Agilo with another bold vision: the development of a custom Point of Sale (POS) system that would smoothly integrate with their existing Medusa system. This ambitious endeavor marked a significant milestone in Tekla's metamorphosis, expanding their operations from a traditional web shop to encompass both B2C and retail channels.

Agilo embraced the challenge, putting to good use its extensive expertise in web development and in-depth understanding of the Medusa platform. The goal was clear: to create a custom POS system that would not only streamline sales processes but also elevate the customer experience, all while ensuring compatibility with Tekla's Medusa-based web shop.

Tekla store

Empowering multi-channel success with React Native

Agilo's development team took on this task with their customary mix of professionalism and enthusiasm. They chose React Native as the foundation for the custom POS application, a decision that allowed for the creation of a mobile application capable of seamlessly integrating with the existing Medusa platform.

The development process was marked by scrupulous attention to detail and productive collaboration with Tekla's team. Agilo's developers also worked closely with the Medusa team to address technical challenges and ensure smooth integration between the web shop and the new POS system.

Delivering innovation in early 2023: The power of collaboration

In early 2023, Agilo successfully delivered the custom POS system. Tekla's vision of a unified digital and retail experience had become a reality.

The React Native application not only streamlined sales and inventory management, it also improved the overall shopping experience for Tekla's customers. Agilo's dedication to custom development with Medusa had successfully converted Tekla's ambitious vision into a powerful, real-world solution.

Not only have we seen great results from our collaboration, but we also feel that Agilo is an extended arm of our organization in Split. Our partnership now extends beyond a professional relationship, reinforcing the trust, support and availability that a great partnership needs.

Kristoffer Windall Juhl
Founder at Tekla

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Continuing the journey

Agilo's partnership with Tekla remains a vital component of Tekla's ongoing digital journey. Together, they navigate the ever-evolving landscape of ecommerce, supporting Tekla in expanding their presence and enhancing their online and offline business operations.

Agilo's role as a key partner in custom development with Medusa has not only empowered Tekla's multi-channel success but also highlighted their ability to adapt and innovate in the face of ambitious challenges. As the journey continues, Agilo remains committed to supporting Tekla's future goals and further elevating their digital presence.

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Agilo and Tekla team having dinner

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