• Client Touristik
  • Sector Tourism and IT
  • Discipline Brand identity, Concept design, Information architecture, Logo
  • Year 2017

One step ahead startup for travellers

Touristik is a Croatian startup that was supported by Agilo from it’s first steps in developing fully functional concept to brand design.

The idea behind Touristik is to offer a reliable, easy to use, up-to-date with technology service to tourists and people offering tourist services such as home rentals. Touristik would be a platform making it simple for a tourist to book an activity and leave feedback by using a tablet from the comfort of their booked apartment. For the owners and service/activity providers it would make managing more efficient.

Symbol for Touristik logo combines check mark and location pin.
Color scheme for touristik is bright and clear resembling vidid landscape images.

The challenge of creating complex layout app

We began creating visuals by designing a logo. The intention was to pack an idea of Touristik in a straightforward, clever and clean form. Logo is made of symbol and typography where symbol brings together location pin, road and check mark/action. Colors are sky blue, valley green and white to inspire sensation of landscapes and clearness. Symbol is accompanied by grotesque sans serif typeface.


Posters and banners for Touristik were simple and direct: photos taken by tourist showcasing enjoyment and locations with simple taglines and logo.

Application materials such as promotional posters and banners are heavily concentrated around a main tagline and traveler/landscape background photo to communicate with observer instantly and clearly.

Before digging into actual app design, we began wireframing to make app understandable, easy to navigate and use. Structuring information well was very important to avoid any confusion or clutter.
Touristik interface wireframe is grid based and consists of several inner pages, with main one being Dashboard showing overview of revenues, sales, prices, tablets in use and reviews. There are three main and consistent parts: left navigation section, top bar with logo, search and user profile, and central section carrying main information throughout pages. Layout and grid are flexible enough to support different kinds of information such as infographic, maps, tables, text and images.

Touristik wireframe was made to perform best on tablet devices as this way it is easily accessible to travellers in their booked stay.
Layout is grid based which allows better fluctuations of layouts among different information on pages.
Overview of different wireframe layouts for Touristik.