• Client Unwind Week
  • Sector IT
  • Discipline Digital design, Logo
  • Year 2018

10 Tech Entrepreneurs. 7 Days. 1 Remote Croatian Island.

Unwind Week is a holiday retreat created as a combination of relaxation, activities, adventure and learning. Unwind Week is all about connecting great like-minded entrepreneurs in a stunning remote island setting ready to enjoy a motivational experience.

Unwind Week began as an idea of connecting global tech entrepreneurs and providing them with exceptional experiences. This would promote Dalmatian coast as a tech destination and open doors to connect global tech communities with local aspiring minds.

Clear, natural and intelligent visuals

At this point, Unwind Week did not yet have a visual presence but a story that needed to be given form and shared with people. Logo is a light sans-serif that matches the idea of unwind with its simplicity. Main colors are deep blue, light blue and white.

Short version of Unwind logo to be used as icon or badge.

Website for Unwind Week is a one pager featuring all the information necessary for presentation of the first event. It shares visually appealing photos of the location and villa and highlights all features with custom made icons. It brings a story about behind Unwind week as well as agenda and experiences. Focus is on finding information necessary and applying for next event. The top of the page does it effectively: background photos, tagline, dates, location and apply button.

Website visually plays with colors of dalmatian coast: blue in dark and light, white, stone grey and beige and yellow-gold. With type combination of sans-serif and high contrast serif it achieves modern and extravagant appeal.

Custom icons were drawn for main features. They are monolinear as logo and contrast serif typeface used on web. Gold yellow was added to blue scale and used on web as accent.
The entire color scheme reminds of beach scenery: sandy beige, dark and light tones of blue, white and gold yellow.