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  • Industry: Association focused on promoting local IT community in Split
  • Location: Split, Croatia
  • Founder: Toni Trivkovic
  • Service: Branding, Website design, Content, Development, Social media design
STC slogan
STC slogan

Building local tech community from scratch

Founded by our CEO in 2015. Split Tech City is the first formal nonprofit organization of the technological community in our part of the world. It connects established companies, startups, individuals, meetups, nonprofits, and institutions in a dream to build “Silicon Valley of the Mediterranean” through sharing of knowledge, ideas, and ambitions.

Capturing the spirit of the Mediterranean in tech

As we got to thinking about branding, we knew we had to capture the Split way of life and apply it to tech, make this community look fun, open, chatty and hard working. We drew our inspiration from a local version of hackeysack played in the sea with your hands. There are no winners, it inspires you to do your best and builds connections between people - just like Split Tech City.

Picigin illustration

Bold, memorable, open

Every designer worth their salt will tell you colours are moods. So when we chose our palette for the community website we went with Blue which represents our relation to the sea, is often used in learning, and has a calm, reassuring feeling. Yellow is the sun, warmth, serenity, summer. Red and sandstone are typical in Dalmatian and Mediterranean architecture. Patterns developed from a circle that represents the picigin ball are used to hint at playfulness and a relaxed attitude.

Screenshots from STC page
Screenshots from STC page

Easy to use while balancing all kinds of content

To keep STC content in focus with all those bold design choices, we went with subtle fonts, using CTA sections to draw user's attention to community news, announcements, while also serving as a promotion vehicle for members and their companies.

Screenshots from STC page
Screenshots from STC page

We started on a small site project which developed in 4 year partnership. A professional team of developers who never disappoint.

Romana Ban
Executive Editor, Split Tech City

Community is social by definition

The purpose of the community is to expand and draw in new members, so when designing Split Tech City's website, we paid special attention to social media. This is where our branding really pops! You can spot our posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube from a proverbial aeroplane.

Geometric shapes got a more prominent role on social media, to great effect. While there is a subtle distinction between Split Tech City's social and website, the design still ties them with a sense of familiarity.

Screenshots from STC Instagram page
Screenshots from STC Instagram page

Collaboration breeds success

After the setup of the initial file structure in collaboration with the design team, the front-end devs made all the pages in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript cutup. The front end devs then passed the finalized sections to the back-end dev team for WordPress implementation. The content was migrated from the old STC website before implementing the new page design foir quality assessment and fixing errors.

Screenshots of STC page design
Screenshots of STC page design

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